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25 Eylül 2022


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Zacuto PlaZma Light – Micro Plasma Technology

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We briefly touched on the Zacuto PlaZma Light in our NAB 2012 blog, but now we have time to dig a little deeper into this unique new product. The PlaZma is a slick, thin light that softly illuminates your subject without the troublesome dots of an LED. It will be fully dimmable and come inRead More…

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The new PlaZma Light from Zacuto

The new Zacuto PlaZma Light, with over 30 patents on Micro Plasma Technology, will change the way you light.  It has already received a “Best Innovation” award from the BCPVA at the NAB 2012 & was one of the most talked about products on the exhibition floor!  Thousands of filmmakers, photographers, news channels & other professionals stopped by Zacuto’s booth at NAB, some repeatedly, all amazed by the sheer amount of light coming from such a small, flat source.

Unlike a LED light, the Zacuto PlaZma light is a super soft light source much like a Chimera Soft Box, yet extremely bright when needed.  It is production grade quality, dimmable, thin, light & portable. Measuring less than an inch think, they can fit into extremely small spaces.  Zacuto PlaZma lights will be available in many sizes & shapes.  The PlaZma light is environmentally friendly, no mercury or lead used & is made in the USA.

The PlaZma light puts out an impressive 2000 lumens versus other industry 1×1 LED panels at 1200 lumens & 777 lumens on side lit reflected LEDS.  It also has a characteristic incandescent curve unlike LEDS that can have a nasty green spike & don’t mix well with practical or tungsten lights.  The daylight balanced curve is unwavering at 5800K & mix well with HMIs.  Just like traditional soft lights, the PlaZma light has a wide light pattern as opposed to the spotty nature of an LED.  However, unlike traditional soft lights, the PlaZma light has a huge throw.  Existing lights, including LEDs, force you to lose light output as they need to be diffused, bounced or have an umbrella attached to it.  The soft nature of this light enables actors to look directly into it (from 5 inches) without squinting & fills the face with beautiful soft light.

The PlaZma lights will be available in a 1×1 Tungsten or Daylight.  Zacuto are also working on making different sizes as well as accessories such as barndoors & expandable snoots.  The lights are powered by 110-240V 50-60 Hz AC or 11-18V DC with a 3 Stud Anton Bauer like battery or a Sony V-Lock battery.  The power box also has the dimmer.  The control box connects to the light via weather proof 10 or 25 foot head cable or be placed on the ground or mounted on the light stand.

If you are looking for a small, portable AC/DC soft light, that is less expensive then LED lighting, the Zacuto PlaZma light is for you!  The lights are due out towards the end of 2012.

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